In Touching Tomorrow, The Story of Hephzibah Children’s Home, a 1950 Booklet about Hephzibah, written by J.R. Swauger, records these words by Rev. Buck, of his time at Hephzibah:

One day while the problems of management were heavy, the calls from the outside may, the finances a real concern, and some of the inmates in need of correction, we were reminded by the Holy Spirit that we were not carrying on simply for the sake of the children, the Church, nor for self; Hephzibah was an Institution established, maintained and managed “For Jesus’ sake.”

Just to keep the child for his own sake, profits, and comforts and to save him from the hazards of the world, is certainly worth consideration. It has its values but is lacking in the more essential thing. Jesus will lighten the burden, cause men to respond, and promote interests, which otherwise would not be realized or worthwhile, if we do it for His sake.

All during the life of Hephzibah there has been maintained a constant emphasis of spirituality. This has been foremost during all the years. The testimony of Mrs. Lucile Ernest, who has been faithfully working with the Home since about 1900 is, “These days seem like the days when Aunt Bettie Tyler began here; God still blesses like He used to” (Metz, p. 59).