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As a subsidiary of The Wesleyan Church, Hephzibah62:4 has designed Church Partnerships to connect and unite local Wesleyan churches throughout the U.S. and Canada to bring MOMENTUM to our mission of transforming the lives of vulnerable children. We have curated and made available a growing number of partnership benefits to help equip your church with resources and current best practices to most effectively serve vulnerable children in your community.


Partnership commitments:

1. Hephzibah62:4 MOMENTUM CATALYST Church:

Church commits to a minimum of one awareness/action effort per year related to at least one of the Hephzibah62:4 key areas of engagement (Sanctity of Human Life, Family Preservation, Foster Care and Adoption, Anti-Trafficking, Special Needs Ministry and Trauma-Informed Care).

Awareness efforts are commonly centered around Sanctity of Human Life Sunday (January), Foster Care Awareness Month (May), or Orphan Sunday & Stand Sunday (November) but you may explore other public awareness campaigns in which to engage or create your own unique effort, along with providing a hands-on project and/or practical action step for congregants called to get involved further.

2. Hephzibah62:4 MOMENTUM BUILDER Church:

Church commits to all the above plus an ongoing ministry aimed at transforming the lives of vulnerable children in your church and local community OR regular financial support. Financial support may be directed to 1. An agreed-upon ministry partner serving vulnerable children in your community, 2. One of our Hephzibah Legacy Grant Partners or 3. Directly to Hephzibah62:4 (to benefit our Adoption Fund, coaching and training resources, and church plant and ministry grants for select Wesleyan partner churches in our most vulnerable communities throughout the U.S. and Canada).  

3. Hephzibah62:4 MOMENTUM MULTIPLIER Church:

Church commits to all the above, plus is willing and available to be a model/mentor to other churches.


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Momentum Multiplier
30-min volunteer training, 3-hr leader training + 40% discount
Digital download + up to 200 FREE printed copies
Up to 2 grants/partnership year (unlimited)
Up to 2 grants/partnership year (unlimited)
FREE subscription
Unlimited participants