Trauma-Informed Care

You can not lead a child to a place of healing if you do not know the way yourself.

– Dr. Karyn Purvis


Science and research reveal the impact of early trauma and toxic stress on brain development, long-term health and the degree to which children may struggle in many areas of life. Children living in poverty or unstable family situations are particularly at risk for the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) that may lead to generational patterns which can be difficult to overcome. But there is hope! Trauma-informed care is an important part of holistic discipleship and can inform ministries that help prevent ACEs, and lead to more effective connection and increased resiliency in those who have experienced ACEs.​


Hephzibah62:4 is proud to partner with Trauma Free World. We are convinced that trauma-informed care is a crucial part of holistic discipleship and are excited to introduce you to this quality training from a biblical worldview, to assist you in engaging most effectively with children and adults.

Hephzibah62:4 Partner Churches, see our Partner Benefits Chart for all the ways we have made the Trauma Free World training accessible to you.  

Not a Hephzibah62:4 Church Partner? No problem! We have a limited number of FREE 30-minute training courses available for Wesleyan church leaders. (One per church, please.) These courses focus on three important concepts related to trauma and offer a handful of practical tools for immediate application. The courses are online, on-demand and valued at $14.99. Contact us at to request your complimentary course now.

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Our volunteers and staff felt valued and empowered by being exposed to this training!

The training helped us understand trauma and how there is always something behind the behaviors we might be seeing. Our kids ministry volunteers took away tangible, applicable strategies to be implemented in our ministry. There was also quite a bit of discussion around how to interact with all kids in a safe and positive manner. Overall, everyone sensed the value of this training. 

– Pastor Branden


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