The Wesleyan Church has its roots in engaging in social justice issues. A holistic, integrated approach is needed to combat the complex issue of human sex trafficking. I believe Wesleyans can partner with professional service providers in every community to create powerful new opportunities for modern slavery victims/survivors.

– Deb Kluttz, The Homestead

Recruitment of vulnerable children and adults for sex and other forms of trafficking happens in all our communities. Youth who have experienced trauma, foster youth in unstable or group home situations, and those who have aged out of the system without a permanent family are particularly vulnerable to exploitation by traffickers. But there is hope! Local churches and Christians, often in partnership with local organizations, can be a powerful force for prevention, rescue and restoration, for those whose lives have been ensnared by human trafficking.



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Heirborn Servants

Wesleyan Pastor Jon Lewis leads this Atlanta, GA area effort to empower and help women who are survivors of domestic violence, survivors of human trafficking, and single moms get to the places that matter.

To see how one family has been impacted by this ministry, check out this video.



The Homestead

Founded in Kansas by Wesleyan Pastor Deb Kluttz, The Homestead brings together laity and professionals to provide holistic services to human trafficking survivors, with the goal of transforming lives. Everyone has something to contribute!

To hear more about The Homestead, watch this webinar.



Change Agents Curriculum

January is Human Trafficking Prevention Month

IWU’s Justice Center for Human Trafficking

Equipping and mobilizing local Wesleyan churches to transform the lives of vulnerable children

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