What’s ahead with Hephzibah62:4?

Walk out of the gates. Get going! Get the road ready for the people. Build the highway. Get at it! Clear the debris, hoist high a flag, a signal to all peoples! Yes! God has broadcast to all the world: “Tell daughter Zion, ‘Look! Your Savior comes, ready to do what he said he’d do, prepared to complete what he promised.’” Isaiah 62:10-11 MSG

God has been so faithful through the last four years of rebuilding our organization according to a new vision. We’re grateful to be clearing remaining debris and completing the “highway” that will take us into the next stage of multiplying our mission of equipping and mobilizing local Wesleyan churches to transform the lives of vulnerable children.

There are many on-ramps to this “highway” for individuals, families, and churches, that allow us to travel together in Kingdom-building ministry. As we put into place several new partner benefitsround out our grant offerings, and work to hire a third staff member, we claim the promise of the Savior in Isaiah 62 that he is “ready to do what he said he’d do, prepared to complete what he promised” through Hephzibah62:4.

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