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Can we talk for a minute?

When I was 17, I had a burning desire to be a missionary. In fact, as a High School Senior I spent several months living and volunteering at a home for girls at risk in Osorno, Chile. I fell in love with the 40-some girls that I came to know and learned invaluable lessons about how to make a difference in their lives.   When I began to process that I would be leaving soon, along with the missionary couple that had served at that home for over 6 years, I became concerned about what would happen once we had gone home. I visited the lead pastor of the local church that owned the children’s home...

February 2022 Newsletter

Where in the world is Hephzibah62:4? Next month will mark three years since I was hired to steward the new mission and vision for Hephzibah62:4, to equip and mobilize local Wesleyan churches to transform the lives of vulnerable children across the U.S. and Canada. It has been an exciting, challenging, faith-building journey, where connection is a high priority. Technology meets many of our connection needs, but nothing beats in-person connections. You may be asking, "Where do we do that?" Click here to access the full newsletter. 

Sanctity of human life efforts must include support for struggling parents

A woman who recently considered abortion invites us to be present and listen to her story. JODI LEWIS | JANUARY 10, 2022 | WesLife Access original article here. While awaiting her release from jail on December 27, 2021, and anticipating giving birth a month later, Amanda* courageously accepted the invitation to tell her story. She has chosen to use her time in jail to work on her relationship with God, seeking wisdom to navigate what lies ahead. “I have deep regrets,” says Amanda. “I honestly don’t know how I am going to do this — divorced, mom of four, unemployed and just released from...

December 2021 Newsletter

Does Hephzibah62:4 need my year-end donation?  During the Christmas season, it is usual for good-hearted Christians to reflect on our own blessings, turn our hearts afresh to those who are vulnerable and alone, and seek to help. Understandably, questions have been abundant since the sale of the former Hephzibah property in Macon, Georgia. Have you asked yourself, “Does Hephzibah62:4 still need my support?” or "Would my donation really make a difference?" My hope and prayer is that the following will help to bring clarity where it is needed. Click here to access the full...

November 2021 Newsletter

Where will vulnerable children be cared for now?  That important question has been asked since it was announced that the former Hephzibah property would be sold and the ministry re-visioned. We believe important questions deserve honest answers. As we enter this season of Thanksgiving, we're thankful for some very special people willing to testify to how God is clearly moving in this new season of Hephzibah62:4. We are excited to introduce you to our new Hephzibah62:4 video, featuring Dr. Larry Freels and Mrs. Shirley Duncan: Click here to access...

Orphan Sunday participation affirms couple’s call to adoption

Paul and Alli Nix are following the path of early Christians in caring for the most vulnerable. JODI LEWIS | OCTOBER 18, 2021 | WesLife Access original article here. With a beautiful four-week-old baby boy beside him in his wife’s arms, Paul Nix reflects on how their recent experiences have brought them to new levels of trust in God. After a month of settling in to their new normal as a family of three, the Nixes recognize the growing bond with their son. At the same time, they understand there are no guarantees he will stay with them permanently. Infant adoptions in their state cannot be...

Elder Family

Though we knew the Lord was pressing us to give our yes to adoption, the financial responsibility that comes with adoption was overwhelming to us. The wonderful people at Hephzibah62:4 became part of our adoption journey early on as we were awarded a grant, and they continued to fully support us through each hurdle we crossed. We are incredibly thankful for the donors that make adoption grants possible for families like ours. Our adoption process has given us this beautiful opportunity to see God at work in our lives in so many ways. We are now officially a family of five! - Glen and Casey,...

CAFO2022: September 28-30 in Atlanta, GA

JOIN US IN ATLANTA, GA, September 28-30, 2022. More than ever the Church needs to stand up in new ways for the most vulnerable among us.  Hephzibah62:4 has chosen the Christian Alliance For Orphans (CAFO) Summit as an annual gathering place for Wesleyan pastors, church staff, lay leaders, caregivers/parents, and advocates to be inspired, encouraged, and gain insight into best practices in caring for vulnerable children. Click here to learn more. 

September 2021 Newsletter

Join us at CAFO2021 More than ever the Church needs to stand up in new ways for the most vulnerable among us. Following a year defined by separation and distance, we are looking forward to being with fellow Wesleyans and many others face-to-face at the Christian Alliance for Orphans' Summit, CAFO2021, September 15-17! Can't make it to Cincinnati in person? Make your plans now for a CAFO2021 Virtual Experience Click here to access the full newsletter. 

July 2021 Newsletter

Is any of the following true of you?  You prayed for and donated sacrificially to Hephzibah Children’s Home (HCH) You were part of the miracle of the development of HCH’s Zebulon Rd. property You cherish the time you worked or served as a volunteer for, or lived at HCH You saved and snipped countless Campbells Soup Labels to help provide several vans for HCH You were part of the annual Great Smoky Mountain Gathering Whether or not you are a part of Hephzibah’s rich past, you desire to play a role in the exciting Hephzibah62:4 mission to equip and mobilize local Wesleyan churches to transform...

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May is Foster Care Month, and we believe that providing More Than Enough loving homes for every child in foster care is possible–including foster, adoptive and supported biological families. Explore how God is calling you to be a part of the solution at (or add your church’s contact person or related ministry information).

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