Adoption Fund &

Post-Adoption Support Fund

Though we knew the Lord was pressing us to give our yes to adoption, the financial responsibility that comes with adoption was overwhelming to us.

The wonderful people at Hephzibah62:4 became part of our adoption journey early on as we were awarded a grant, and they continued to fully support us through each hurdle we crossed. We are incredibly thankful for the donors that make adoption grants possible for families like ours. Our adoption process has given us this beautiful opportunity to see God at work in our lives in so many ways. We are now officially a family of five!   

— Glen and Casey, South Dakota

Why a Wesleyan Adoption & Post-Adoption Support Fund?

Download and Print the Hephzibah62:4 Adoption Fund Flyer. Disponible en español.

THE NEED: Millions of orphans and vulnerable children worldwide are trapped in a cycle of hopelessness, often without anyone to love, protect and care for them

THE BARRIERS: Adoption costs to complete a domestic infant or international adoption seem financially impossible to many Christian families. Adoptive families may face unique challenges while raising their children, and valuable counseling and therapies to support healing may be out of financial reach.

DISCIPLESHIP: Adoption is evangelistic at its core, bringing the mission field home where children are loved, cared for, and discipled to know Jesus. By reducing the financial barriers in adoption, we are helping orphans of all ages and vulnerable infants, for whom birth parents choose adoption, to find belonging in Christ-centered families who are equipped and supported.


  • Must be regular attendee/s of a Wesleyan church or an organization affiliated with The Wesleyan
    Church for at least one year
  • Must demonstrate financial need or a financial deficit for adoption or post-adoption services
  • Must have a current home study from a licensed adoption agency (Adoption Fund applicants)


  • Direct grants or matching grants for adoptions or post-adoption counseling & therapies
  • Interest-free loans

READY TO GET STARTED? Contact us for more information and to request an application.


CMADH-189 Adoption Flyer English

Our family wanted to grow through adoption. We wanted to invest our lives in something that matters – and we wanted to do it as a family. Hephzibah62:4 understood our heart and partnered with our family to make our dreams a reality.

When God called us to adopt, it was comforting to know we had ongoing support along the way. They helped us take this leap of faith. Adopting Micah has been one of the greatest blessings to our home and we are so grateful for Hephzibah62:4.                                                                                       — Pastor Steve and Courtney

Thebo family photoWhen we adopted our first son from China, we felt God at every turn. God provided in the big things as well as in the little details, things which clearly were no coincidence.

Theo is such a blessing, that we decided to adopt again. With our second adoption our biggest concern was having the funds to pay the adoption fees. God wiped away that fear by providing the majority of our adoption fees with grant money, which included a matching grant from Hephzibah62:4!! We felt everyone’s prayers the whole time we were in China and our second son Grayson is doing amazing. He fits right into our family, as only God could orchestrate.

— Brian and Kim